Our Pastors

Michael Johnson grew up in North Carolina where he served the Lord as a pastor and church planter before becoming lead teaching pastor of Big Sky Fellowship. His wife Christi and he have four beautiful children; Jude, Eden, Asa, and Zion.  



Darren and his wife Susan Hales started Big Sky Fellowship in their home in 2006.  Darren also serves  as Church Strengthening Team Leader with Montana Southern Baptist Convention.


Ray Fuller grew up in the Helena area and has a background in preaching, teaching, business, counseling, and Christian Education.  Ray and his wife Christy joined Big Sky Fellowship in 2010 and play a huge role leading small groups, counseling, and preaching.


Dan and Sharon have invested most of their married life into making disciples of Christ in a variety of settings. They lived in Tulsa, Santiago (Chile), and Houston, before moving to Helena in the summer of 2008. They came to Montana with 4 children: Caleb, Autumn, Jake, and Sammy, but their family continues to expand.

Dan and Sharon Clark have invested most of their lives into making disciples of Christ by leading small groups.